Saturday Beach Workout Solana Beach Del Mar

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Open Gym Trial Ending – With the trialling of this open gym on Saturdays experiment coming to a close we have come to the decision that we will revert back to what our facility has done for the majority of our lifespan which is host regular group classes at 9am and 10am on Saturdays rather than a 9am class and 10am open gym.  After evaluating attendance biases and surveying the interests of our community we feel this is the best current solution for providing our population the well-rounded fitness they are seeking with the necessary structure and support to be successful.  We do however encourage athletes to feel free to practice skills and perform auxiliary work; just understand that our coaching direction will have to prioritize the classes taking place.

Saturday Beach Workout – This Saturday we will be taking it outside to Del Mar’s Dog Beach at 9am to get down and dirty for a good ‘ol beach workout.  This is always a great deal of fun and we would like to make an effort to do this more regularly, taking advantage of our close proximity to the Pacific.  We will likely work until 10:15 or 10:30 and it will be in your interest to bring a bathing suit such that you can rinse off afterwards though there will not be an expectation that you get into the water.  Please feel free to bring family and friends and note that there will be no open gym or classes hosted in the gym on Saturday.

Monday Labor Day Schedule – We will be hosting 9 and 10 am classes only this Monday in observance of the holiday.


In Teams of 2 Perform the Following 16 min AMRAP:

P1 Performs: 6 SA KB Front Squats per side (**6 SA KB Thrusters per side) + 20 meter Bear Crawl

P2 Repeats

P1 Performs: 16 KBS (**8 KB Snatches Per Side) + 50 Meter Run

P2 Repeats

P1 Performs: 12 SA KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges + 5 Partner Over-Unders

P2 Repeats

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