Friday Strength and Conditioning WOD Del Mar

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*If you are competing Saturday you will not be doing the workout below. You can ride the bike to get loose, do some mobility work and any skill practice that is necessary

A1. KB/DB Goblet Squat @ 30X0; 3-4 x 10-12 reps; Rest 30 sec

*/**Front Squat @ 31X1; 3-4 x 3-4 reps; Rest 30 sec

A2. Heiden Jumps; 3-4 x 4-5 per side; Rest 2 min

*/**Box Jump from Seated; 3-4 x 1.1.1 reps; Rest 2 min


3 Sets:

60 sec Bear Crawl /  **60 sec FLR Crawl

*Rest 30 sec

15 Slam Balls or Russian KBS (your choice)

*Rest 30 sec

75m Sandbag Hug N’ Carry (end of the building and back)

*Rest 2 min

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