Friday Strength Culture Del Mar

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A. 3-4 Sets:

10-12 Wtd Hip Extensions @ 20X1 / *5 TnG Sumo Deadlifts / **3-5 Reps Hinge Based Movement Of Choice (something you haven’t yet done this week)

*Rest :30

50m Single Arm KB Front Rack + Single Arm KB Suitcase Carry per side

*Rest :30

30-60m Sled Drag (moderate smooth pace)

*Rest 2:00 (can switch order of movements if needed)

B. 2-3 Rounds For Quality:

8-12 Banded Glute Bridges @ 30X2 / **8-12 Single Leg Glute Bridges per side @ 30X2

8-12 Banded Over Shoulder Oblique Reaches per side

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