Monday Community Based Fitness Cardiff

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A. Every 3:30 x 3-4 sets:

10 Lightly Loaded Squat Jumps (light KB or weight vest okay) / *10 Unbroken Heavy Wall Balls (must be 30+/20+) / **5 TnG Hang Squat Cleans (moderate – fast turnover)

12/15 sec Bike Sprint For Max Cal

B. Every 3:30 x 3-4 sets:

15 sec Double Battle Rope Slams / *10 Double KB Swings (mod to tough) / **10 Unbroken Double KB Snatches (16-20kg per hand/12-16kg per hand)

20 sec Row/Ski Sprint or 100m Sprint (end of building and back)

C. 5 min cool down or 1-2 stretches of choice

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