Monday Functional Fitness Workout in Solana Beach

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We are excited to announce that we will be hosting our good friend and STRATUM Member Vanessa McCoy’s Snatch Development Seminar in our facility on Sunday October 20th from 9 to 11am.

“This seminar is perfect for a wide range of participants from beginners looking to learn proper form, to strength & conditioning coaches looking to increase their knowledge in the Olympic Lifts.”

As all STRATUM members know Vanessa is a supremely capable Weightlifter who is a USAW National champion and International medalist.  She possesses a unique perspective and the experience one only gains from a dedication to her craft for years and years.  This 2 hour event will provide a unique opportunity to gain personal direction and critique from one of the US’s best and the background information necessary to facilitate long-term progress.

The seminar is $75 per person, limited to 20 athletes, and is available to both the public and STRATUM members.  Use the link below to reserve your spot before they sell out.


For questions or inquiries please reach out to  vanessam.peakgymfit@gmail.com or blake@stratumfitness.com


Monday Workout:

A. 3-4 Sets:

50-75m Sandbag Hug N’ Carry (Tough) / **6-8 Sandbag Hug N’ Squats + 40m Hug N’ Carry (Tough)

*Rest 30-45 sec

12-16 Plyo Step Ups (focus on explosive hip extension every rep) / */**Wear a weight vest or light DBs in hands

*Rest 30-45 sec

200m Row/Ski/Run or .3 Mile Bike @ 95%

*Rest 90-120 sec

B. 2-3 Rounds For Quality:

30-60 sec Ring FLR / *30-45 sec Ring FLR while tracing small circles / **15m Forward FLR Crawl + 15m Reverse FLR Crawl

6-8 Half Kneeling Plate Cross-Body Chops per side

6-8 Slow Jefferson Curls (light load okay)

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