Monday Labor Day Workout Solana Beach

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*Just a friendly schedule reminder that we are ONLY hosting 9 & 10am classes this morning for the holiday.


A. 3 Sets:

2 min Max Cals Bike/Row/Ski or Run for distance

*Rest 45 sec

1 min Max Reps Alternating Arms DB Hang Clean (moderate) / *Hang Power Cleans (115-135/75-95) / **Power Cleans (155-185/105-125)

*Rest 45 sec

1 min Max Hanging Knee Raises in sets of 5 UB / *TTB in sets of 5 UB / **Bar Muscle Up in sets of 3 UB

*Rest 90 sec

B. 2-3 Sets for Quality:

6-8 Slow KB Jefferson Curls 

8-10 Seated Hip Windmill CARS each direction

10-20 sec Active Bar Hang / */**10-15 sec Single Arm Active Bar Hang

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