VITALITY Challenge Teams and Resources

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Team Blake

Shannon, Karl, Jonna, Donovan

Emma k, Hannah k, Sunny, Jack

Nora, Jarvis, Doug, Whitney

Nick, Jim, Rob G, Evan

Hannah, Troy, Rob H, Erin

Dan, Andrew, Greg, Mark U

Team Eric

Sonya, Sandra, Paulina, Gianna

Connor, Danielle, Joe S, Yvonne

Arianna, Emma W, Jessica, Harley

Matt H, David M, Jake, Julie

Will, Melissa, Cameron, Jan

Evelin, Rainier, Ryan, Alex

*May the odds be ever in your favor.

Saturday’s Guest Presentations

Dr Cipperoni of Action Performance and Wellness in Solana Beach

Dr Bradshaw of Spark Health in Solana Beach

Resources PDF (Includes challenge guidelines, Macro calculator, food macro spreadsheet and more)

STRATUM Vitality Resources-10

Weeks 1-3 Scorecard (Editable Google Sheets link)

Weeks 4-6 Scorecard (Editable Google Sheets link)

Food List Macro Guidelines (Editable Google Sheets link)


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