Vitality – Nutrition & Wellness Challenge Details

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The STRATUM Nutrition and Wellness Challenge is a team-oriented, points based competition that is comprised of two phases and runs for six weeks in total.  The first three weeks are the Tracking and Assessment phase while the final three weeks comprise the Behavioral Change phase.  At the end of the competition both individual and team awards will be presented based upon both greatest physical change and highest points scored for each phase.

Challenge Objective – This challenge was designed to first develop self-awareness around your lifestyle and nutritional habits and then facilitate the development of new and improved behaviors.  We certainly expect participants to lose body fat, gain muscle, and boost performance but more importantly learn how to support this over the course of a lifetime. Progress over perfection.

We duly structured this challenge to support these goals.  From the gamification of the point system, the nature of having teams, the cost of the challenge, to the multiple measures of progress and prizes awarded to recognize success; all were part of the decision making progress in cultivating an environment for change.

Important Dates

Challenge Orientation – Saturday January 12, 2019

Halfway Point Body-Composition Testing (before or after classes during week)- January 28-31

Closing Ceremonies – Saturday February 23, 2019

Teams – This is a team oriented challenge in which the STRATUM staff will organize teams with the intention of creating a support system and peers with whom you may discuss strategies, facilitate community with those you may not otherwise get to know,  and aim to keep morale high. Specific teammate requests may be made but final team construction decisions will be made by STRATUM staff.

Cost – Participation in the challenge costs $39 per person.  This will make you eligible for both team and individual prizes.  Non-STRATUM members may participate in the challenge and the fee is waived for both the member and the friend who they bring to participate.

Assessment – A multifaceted approach will be implemented to track progress.  The assessment will incorporate body composition testing, performance testing, & an optional photograph to start and end the challenge.  

Body composition – InBody body composition testing will be performed at the start, halfway point, and end of the challenge.

Performance Testing – 8 Min AMRAP – 800 meter run, 50 wallballs, max burpees in remaining time.  This test will be performed at opening orientation and closing ceremonies.

Photograph – You have the option to be photographed during orientation and closing ceremonies as a subjective measure of progress.  This will be necessary in order to be eligible for the prize associated with the category.

Scoring – Scores will be reported to STRATUM staff members at the three week mark and again at the 6 week mark.  At the three-week mark all teams and individuals will turn in completed score-cards with a sum-total of points in the nutrition and separately lifestyle bracket.  At the six-week mark all teams and individuals will turn in completed score-cards with a sum-total of behavioral change scores that were selected prior to week four.

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