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CrossFit Games Open

The inaugural CrossFit Games Open is upon us once again and kicks off this Thursday (10/10) when the first of five once per week workouts is announced.  This event is always a great deal of fun as (we) athletes get the opportunity to challenge ourselves and put our best foot forward like never before.  If you feel like this event has snuck up on you that is because this years’ event is several months earlier than in years past due to the restructuring of the CrossFit Games Season.

If you are unfamiliar with the CrossFit Games Open and want to learn more we recommend you go straight to the source at CrossFit.com

STRATUM’s 2019 CFG Open Format

This year’s format will closely mirror that of the last several years in which after Thursday’s workout announcement (5pm online) we will host the open workout during all class times on Friday in addition to an alternative workout option depending upon what comes out of the hopper.  We will continue to prioritize workout safety (1), appropriateness (2), and fun (3) and will strive to do so by implementing the strategy above recognizing that for some of our population this event is a central focus for their training year while others simply want to enjoy quality training.

If you elect to submit your Open Workout results on the worldwide leaderboard you may register with our team (STRATUM CrossFit) and enjoy 5 weeks of leaderboarding fun though this is in no way necessary to participate.  Please note that if you are submitting a score that you will be responsible for coordinating a judge as the expectation of our staff is that they are available for coaching and direction during the active clock and cannot allocate all focus to a singular athlete.  Also please note that if an athlete misses a Friday open workout there will be no formal makeup times available though athletes can elect to makeup during class times (Saturday and Monday) as long as it does not impede on normal training classes.  As previously stated it is important to us to cater to both groups of athletes who are eager to take on the open but must also create boundaries in order to continue to strive to provide the best possible training environment for every member.

In other news…

We are all excitedly looking forward to the merging of the good DePaula/Jones name this weekend when Eric and Brittany say their nuptials.  As one often does in such instances we hope they thoroughly enjoy their Costa-Rican honeymoon but rest assured the show must go on and we will operate business as usual during these couple of weeks.  We are excited and very fortunate to also have the support of our friends Cogen and Vanessa who will be lending a helping hand by guest-coaching some classes.  It’s almost like we’re bringing Jordan and Hakeem off of the bench and we know everyone will be on their best behavior.

“When the cats are away the mice will play.” 😉

A. Single Arm Landmine Row → Rotational Press; 3 x 8-10 per arm; Rest as needed

B1. Single Arm DB Bench Press; 3 x 8-10 per arm

**CGBP @ 21X1; 3 x 8-10 reps

B2. Single Arm DB Bent Over Row @ 30X1; 3 x 10-12 per arm

C1. Plank with KB Drag; 2-3 x 8-10 per side

**Forearm Plank with Body Saw (feet on slider); 2-3 x :20-:30

C2. Crossover Symmetry Reverse Fly (Prone Grip); 2-3 x 15-20 reps

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