What Coronavirus Means At Stratum

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Stratum Community,

As I’m sure most if not all of you are currently dealing with work and school closures I wanted to send you guys an update in regards to my original email about the Coronavirus that was sent March 2nd. First and foremost, we DO NOT plan on closing the gym during this time unless mandated by the city. I know how much you guys enjoy seeing your friends on a daily basis and what that can do for your mental state (myself included) and as it turns out exercise helps to boost your immune system and lower stress so I encourage you guys to keep coming in as long as your not feeling ill.

I’m hoping that if we all follow these amended guidelines we can continue on with the workouts you love and get through this chaotic time together!

1. Stay home if you’re sick! I cannot overstate this enough! It may be a cold, it may not be – either way, please don’t risk infecting others. Additionally, if someone you co-habitate with has symptoms please also stay home. You can potentially get others sick 1-2 days before showing symptoms yourself so if you feel anything at all it’s not worth the risk!

2. Practice Social Distancing. If you are concerned about an immunocompromised family member or friend you should consider staying home out of an abundance of caution. This not only applies to the gym but also to other public places! This also means we might rethink all the high fives and close proximity to one another for the time being and instead trade them for fist bumps or elbow bumps. Please don’t be offended if you see me doing this!

3. Wipe down all of your equipment before and after use. Dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, wall balls, abmats, benches, rowers, bikes, etc. The bucket of wipes can be found next to the water machine and we have 4,600 more in stock so we should be set here.

4. We will continue to increase our cleaning efforts at Stratum. In addition to our professional cleaners who come twice a week we will be making efforts to keep common areas, door handles and other possible transmissible areas extra sanitized. Please feel free to join in on the effort as Stratum is just as much your guys’ home as it is ours.

5. And of course WASH YOUR HANDS! Often and for at least 10-20 seconds.

Thanks for your continued support of Stratum as we do our best to stay healthy together!

-Stratum Team

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